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AC power generators from 1 kVA for manual or auto start operation. A wide range of models is available for special applications.
Through its extensive design and production facility Mase offers a comprehensive range of generating sets from 1 kVA to 2000 kVA with:

  • choice of international range of engines
  • different enclosures: from sound-attenuated up to super silenced models that meet or exceed the latest EC noise regulations
  • specially designed alternators for special applications where a smooth waveform and a low harmonic distortion is required
  • availability of an automatic start operation range (in case of mains failure) from 5 kV A to 2000 kVA.
  • Mase build more of our components in house than most of our competitors. This allows us to offer the exact, and sometimes complex, specification that is required. For example the application of supplying back-up power for banking operation centers , requires the following:
  • an extremely low Noise level
  • immediate restoration of working conditions in the event of mains failure
  • electrical output with a very smooth waveform (needed for perfect functioning of computers, alarm systems, any other electronic equipment).

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